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Weekly Market Commentary 15th February 2019

UK PROPERTY FUNDS SWITCH PRICING TO STEM OUTFLOWS This week saw another property fund move to limit the impact of outflows as Janus Henderson announced it was moving its pricing to a full spread basis in March. While this sounds like a minor bit of fund administration, and to an extent it is, the timing […]

Weekly Market Commentary 8th February 2019

SEPERATING NOISE FROM REALITY This week a lack of any major developments allowed us the time to look closer at some of the economic data of the last few weeks. It has reminded us that we ought to do this more often and ignore the headlines all together. Italy is currently in its third recession […]

Weekly Market Commentary 1st February 2019

MARKETS RALLY AS FED PAUSES RATE HIKES This week the most impactful story came out of the US, when the Federal Reserve announced it was keeping interest rates steady. This is significant, because while official guidance is for three rate hikes in 2019, many believe the Fed is overly optimistic in its estimate of the […]

Weekly Market Commentary 25th January 2019

WHEN WILL THE US GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN END? This week the partial US government shutdown enters a new phase. Already the longest shutdown on record, this week will see a second missed pay check for the federal workers caught up in the standoff. While the US economy and stock markets have so far largely been unaffected, […]

Weekly Market Commentary 18th January 2019

MARKETS UNFAZED BY BREXIT NOISE This week has been dominated by politics. While we should have more to say about the week’s events, a crushing defeat for the government on Brexit and scraping survival in a no confidence vote, hasn’t really changed anything. The markets have ignored all of it, suggesting that ministerial impotence and […]

Weekly Market Commentary 11th January 2019

TURBULENT MARKETS TAKE A BREATHER This week has been broadly positive, with a lull in the news cycle that has allowed the market to catch its breath. Ongoing trade talks between the US and China are being viewed positively, although there is no guarantee they’ll produce anything concrete. While the US government remains shut down, […]

Weekly Market Commentary 4th January 2019

MARKET UNCERTAINITY CONTINUES AS US GOVERNMENT REMAINS SHUTDOWN This week the markets have started the new year as they ended the old one, with some wild price swings. After a December that blew apart the Santa Rally story by posting the worst returns of the year for the first time, and in doing so ending […]

Quarterly Market Outlook Winter 2018

REVIEW OF THE PAST QUARTER: It proved to be a case of too much good news being bad in October. Strong employment growth, little inflation and, mainly, US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell’s “long way” from neutral interest rate comment sparked a treasury yields rally. In turn, bond market contagion spread to the rest of […]

Weekly Market Commentary 21st December 2018

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN SET TO ADD FURTHER FUEL TO GLOBAL SELLOFF This week we got a timely reminder of what really matters as stocks tumbled on the back of the latest Fed rate hike. While the decision was widely anticipated, the market had become convinced that recent events would have changed the banks policy on future […]

Weekly Market Commentary 14th December 2018

IS THIS THE END OF THE ROAD FOR THERESA MAY? This week pretty much sums up the year; a lot of noise and drama and we’ve ended up back where we started. The challenge to Theresa May dominated the airwaves for two days, but despite seeing off the challenge, nothing about Brexit has fundamentally changed. […]