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Weekly Market Commentary 7th December 2018

IS THIS THE END OF THE ROAD FOR THERESA MAY? This week we return to two old favourites, Brexit and Trump. The Brexit deal is currently being debated in parliament, with a final vote on whether to take it scheduled for the 11th. It has been a blood bath. On the opening day the government […]

Weekly Market Commentary 30th November 2018

THE END OF VOLATILITY? This week the most notable headline came from Jerome Powell, the Chair of the US Federal Reserve, when he announced that he thought interest rates were “just below neutral”. This apparent softening of stance has done wonders to soothe a jittery market, with US stocks rallying on the news. Whether or […]

Weekly Market Commentary 23rd November 2018

PRIME MINISTER MAY SET TO FINALISE BREXIT PLANS This week the Brexit saga rolled on. After the high drama of last week when everyone was arguing over when, not if, Theresa May would be replaced; we find ourselves now with the same Prime Minister, same deal and the same sense of inevitability. While the political […]

Weekly Market Commentary 16th November 2018

BREXIT DEBATE INTENSIFIES This week the inevitable clash between Brexiteers and reality came to pass as Theresa May finally unveiled the Brexit deal. The basic facts are that hard Brexit is too economically destructive to be a genuine option, while any compromises to minimise that harm will leave us subject to EU rules without having […]

Weekly Market Commentary 9th November 2018

POLITICAL GRIDLOCK IN THE US AFTER MID-TERM ELECTIONS The US Midterms this week saw the Democrats wrestle back control of the House of Representatives after eight years, while the Republicans maintained control of the Senate leaving the country politically gridlocked. The elections weren’t without their fair share of controversy. Voting machines appeared to break down […]

Weekly Market Commentary 2nd November 2018

POLITICAL UNCERTAINTY REMAINS AS MARKETS RALLY This week the market looks to have finally settled down, after prematurely declaring the same thing last week. While there have still been some big moves this week, they lacked any downward momentum and markets look like they will end up, bar any sudden swings in afternoon trading. While […]

Weekly Market Commentary 26th October 2018

MARKETS BEGIN TO STABILISE This week markets appeared to stabilise, albeit in an unstable fashion, with a mix of up days and down days. It’s probably too soon to declare the dust settled, negative reports from Amazon and Google has triggered a further wave of selling, but there might be light at the end of […]

Weekly Market Commentary 19th October 2018

FEDERAL RESERVE MINUTES HINTS TOWARDS A QUICKER PACE OF RATE HIKES This week the paranoia over interest rates that has haunted the markets throughout October looks a little more justified, following the release of the minutes from the September meeting of the US Federal Reserve’s rate setting body, the Open Market Committee. The latest sell […]

Weekly Market Commentary 12th October 2018

GLOBAL SELLOFF RELENTS AFTER RALLY Rising US treasury yields, falling US tech stock prices, and incessant tweeting by President Trump were all factors contributing to the global sell-off this week. President Trump’s tweet questioned the Fed’s tightening policy. It appears the news of the rate hikes took some time to be digested by bond investors […]

Weekly Market Update 5th October 2018

CHINESE MONOPOLY ON COMPUTER AND PHONE MANUFACTURING POSES A RISK TO TECH STOCKS This week saw major exposés from the shadowy world of espionage. Much of the news has focused on details of the Russian operation to poison former agent Sergei Skripal with a deadly nerve agent, this spy novel type attack has overshadowed the […]