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Weekly Market Update 21st September 2018

CHEQUERS PLAN REBUFFED IN SALZBURG This week the background noise of uncertainty over Brexit increased to a deafening roar as Theresa May took her Chequers plan to Salzburg only to have it dismissed out of hand. While much of the press has been fuming about the way the EU27 have treated the Prime Minister, this […]

Weekly Market Update 14th September 2018

HURRICANE FLORENCE SET TO TEST PRESIDENT TRUMP’S LEADERSHIP This week, we got further support for the status quo. Positive economic data, including a higher than expected GDP data was coupled with a decision from the central bank to leave things alone and let everything carry on as it is. Unfortunately, our political leaders don’t have […]

Weekly Market Update 7th September 2018

RARE RAY OF SUNSHINE AS BREXIT NEGOTIATIONS CONTINUE This week we had an announcement that Britain and Germany had agreed to drop specific sticking points around the shape of our future relationship with the EU, which was perceived to make an exit deal more likely. While the pound did strengthen on the news, reports of […]

Weekly Market Update 31st August 2018

YET ANOTHER COMPANY EXITS THE UK This week we had a reminder that while the ultimate outcome of Brexit is unknown, companies don’t have the luxury of waiting to find out. Panasonic became the latest company to move its European headquarters from London, adding to announcements from Unilever, EasyJet and Goldman Sachs to name but […]

Weekly Market Update 24th August 2018

TIME TO WORRY, MR PRESIDENT? Robert Mueller, the man responsible for investigating Russian collusion with the Trump presidential campaign, will be going into the weekend feeling particularly smug on the news that two of the President’s former associates may be facing jail time. Former lawyer and ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to paying off two […]

Weekly Market Update 17th August 2018

ITALY PASSES THE BLAME TO AVOID HOMEGROWN ISSUES A collapsed bridge in Italy this week that left 39 dead has further widened the cracks in the Italian government. The Eurosceptic League pointed the blame at the EU for restricting maintenance spending, while the Five Star Movement aimed its fire at the motorway operator responsible for […]

Weekly Market Update 10th August 2018

GAM SUSPENDS STAR BOND MANAGER This week has been thankfully quiet by recent standards, making it possibly the worst time for an asset manager to make the headlines. Without warning GAM suspended one of its star bond managers and gated his funds, preventing investors from withdrawing their money. This was followed by a period of […]

Weekly Market Update 15th December 2017

GOVERNMENT DEFEATED ON FLAGSHIP EU BILL This week yet more problems for Theresa May have come piling out of the Brexit clown car. Having made significant progress by securing an agreement on the first phase of negotiations, any momentum was promptly halted through a series of unforced errors. Firstly, David Davis did his best to […]

Weekly Market Update 8th December 2017

MAY RETURNS FROM EUROPE WITH WHITE PIECE OF PAPER Theresa May has brought us back a traditional European fudge for Christmas this year. Wishful thinking and our natural tendency to see what we want to see means that just about everyone is happy with the ambiguously-worded agreement on the Irish border. The suspicion is the […]

Weekly Market Update 1st December 2017

BREXIT “BREAKTHROUGH”, BITCOIN AND BALLISTICS This week we finally learned what the government’s real Brexit strategy is; bluster for as long as possible before giving in and agreeing to everything at the last minute. The terms of the divorce bill, that was apparently agreed this week, sound a lot like the EU’s starting position and […]