Creating Peace of Mind

Why Thomas - Axys Investment Management

An existing client introduced me to their friends, a retired couple, who were tired and frustrated with the paperwork and endless administration of their investment portfolio, which had been accumulated over many years. It included Isa’s, PEP’s Unit Trusts and Shares, all with different providers and fund managers. Also they were not benefiting from regular reviews, did not have a clear investment strategy and were concerned with the potential risks to their investments from both the stock market and inflation.

We commenced a full review of their situation, including their income and capital requirements, established their priorities and discussed their long term objectives. We also discussed and considered the risk capacity of the clients together with the risk required to generate the returns needed to meet their objectives.

We then created and implemented a strategy which was not designed to achieve the highest returns possible, but to generate the returns the clients specifically need to maintain their lifestyle with the least risk to their capital.

Following our review we were able to;

  • Reduce their paperwork to a minimum by consolidating their portfolio and provide six monthly reviews and valuations all in one single report.
  • Provide access to the whole of the investment market and all leading fund management groups.
  • Create a clear, relevant investment strategy and plan,unique to the clients spcific needs. The regular reviews and ongoing monitoring of the portfolio provides them with simplification and peace of mind.

Leaving a Legacy

Clients referred by Solicitor were concerned about their IHT liability. Following a full review it was apparent that they had a substantial IHT liability in the region of £400,000.