Axys Investment Management - Working Together

Our Approach

We invest our time listening and gaining an understanding of your worries and concerns, your hopes and ambitions and then formulate a plan to achieve your objectives and provide the peace of mind desired.

Understanding what matters most to you is key to providing the most satisfactory outcome. We help identify your objective, which may be discovering how much income you will need in retirement or how much capital will you need and then implement a plan to achieve it.

We have developed a consistent, robust process which is structured to deliver the outcome you are aiming for; we provide an ongoing review and management service, to measure how well your plan is doing and to ensure it continues to meet with your initial and ongoing objectives.


It may well be that you have previously sought or taken advice elsewhere, and not been provided with a solution that fulfils your long term objectives and may have ended up with investments or a portfolio which does not meet you needs.

We understand that some outcomes matter more than others and that knowing where you are now and where you want to be is what matters most. We focus on, and put all our energy into helping you prioritise your objectives to create and implement a plan aimed at achieving the peace of mind desired. Each client has a unique story and set of objectives based upon their personal values and with our help and in collaboration with your tax and legal advisers we provide the confidence for a structured plan to be implemented and managed effectively.

“I am most pleased with the service I have received and you set the standard, I would judge others by. For over twenty five years I have relied upon financial advisers to guide me in my investment portfolio and there has been none better than Wyn Thomas, who has taken on this responsibility since 2007.”

“We are both delighted with the service you provide and we are particularly impressed by the time you are willing to spend explaining the options available to investors and the advice given thereafter. We value the fact that you keep a constant eye on all aspects of our financial affairs and nothing seems to be too much trouble. Keep up the good work.”

“We have been pleased and delighted with the service you have provided. It has always been professional and easy to understand and always as if we were friends/family almost, not just ‘customers’. We wish you the best with the launch of your new company.”

“For over 10 years Wyn has helped us to structure a balanced portfolio which we can easily change to meet the general financial situation of the economy and our personal requirements,  we really value the regular informed investment advice provided at our half yearly reviews.”

“Your recent advice concerning Inheritance Tax planning has helped us to initiate an action plan.

Wyn Thomas has for many years, provided my wife and I with sound financial advice in a professional, kindly and considerate manner. His services have ensured our continued peace of mind.”

“We really value the way you look after us and put our interests first. In particular I appreciated the way you took care of my concerns whilst John was in hospital, you took a weight off my shoulders.”

“The regular contact and the benefit of Wyn’s market analysis is really valued by us and we feel that our best interests have been served by having him as our financial adviser.”

“During these seven years he has given me excellent diligent advice on my cautious approach to investing, resulting in very good capital protection and income. He has always demonstrated a very friendly and professional attitude in getting things done quickly and correctly.
I have found Wyn is a person to trust and rely on totally to look after my affairs. He is also backed by a first class office team where nothing is too much trouble and dealt with in a pleasant manner.”

“We felt that on the first meeting with Wyn our outlook and situation was understood so that we could achieve the best personal financial advice.”

“Excellent personal service provided by the whole Axys team.”

“Over the years that we have had Wyn as our adviser the level of service has always been excellent, he has helped us enormously with everything and much more.  We also value the face to face meetings at our home as it is more relaxed and gives us more time to talk over any concerns that we may have. We wouldn’t change a thing and would recommend Axys Investment Management to anyone.”

  “I can strongly recommend Mr Wyn Thomas as a Financial Adviser. When he took over my modest set of investments about six years ago, he radically & successfully reorganised them in the light of my individual & family resources, interests & plans. I now feel much more secure about them. I have found him accommodating about arranging appointments (even being offered the option of home visits), & his staff efficient.

His 6-monthly Portfolio Reviews, which are ‘part of the service’, are always clear & helpful; & I have the impression that his charges have been very modest – to say the least. He has even managed ex gratia a Fund that had been set up previously by another, unconnected, adviser.”

“I value the integrity and personal service provided by Wyn. His knowledge of both my position and the financial market combines to produce the best possible financial advice and planning tailored exactly to my needs.”