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About you

You may be the owner of a business, a company director or you may have already reached retirement and want advice on the best way to manage your finances, investments, retirement portfolio and reduce any potential tax liabilities. 

You may have a very busy family and work life, but do not always have the time to really focus and review your personal finances and quite often important decisions are deferred which can have a detrimental effect on your financial wellbeing.

Our advice is sought usually when individuals are faced with a major financial decision, such as impending retirement, the sale or exit from their business or where an inheritance has been received. It is at times like these, that our guidance is most valued and we can help you by clarifying and defining your goals and organising your financial resources effectively. We work with you to review and analyse your existing pension and investment portfolios and provide an unbiased and impartial view to ensure that they remain suitable for their purpose.

Typically you will be serious about your money, have worked hard to accumulate it and want to make best use of it. You will be the type of individual who is happiest when you have a plan, with clear objectives to enable you to live and enjoy the life you lead.

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Axys Investment Management - Testimonials

We take great pride in the work we do and in the trusting relationships we create. Please take a moment to read what our clients say about us and the service we provide.

Below we have provided a number of real life stories which illustrate how we’ve helped people just like you to achieve their financial goals. You will find stories relating to Inheritance Tax Mitigation, Retirement Planning and Restructuring an Investment Portfolio to create a clear and relevant investment strategy.

“For over 10 years Wyn has helped us to structure a balanced portfolio which we can easily change to meet the general financial situation of the economy and our personal requirements, we really value the regular informed investment advice provided at our half yearly reviews.”

“Your recent advice concerning Inheritance Tax planning has helped us to initiate an action plan. Wyn Thomas has for many years, provided my wife and me with sound financial advice in a professional, kindly and considerate manner. His services have ensured our continued peace of mind.”

“We felt that on the first meeting with Wyn our outlook and situation was understood so that we could achieve the best personal financial advice.”

“I value the integrity and personal service provided by Wyn. His knowledge of both my position and the financial market combines to produce the best possible financial advice and planning tailored exactly to my needs.”

Case Studies

Leaving a Legacy

Clients referred by Solicitor were concerned about their IHT liability. Following a full review it was apparent that they had a substantial IHT liability in the region of £400,000.

Creating peace of mind

Clients were a retired couple, tired and frustrated with paperwork and endless administration of their investment portfolio,which they had accumulated over many years.