Axys Investment Management - Precision Planning

Our Process

We have a client journey which is consistent, robust and always has you, our client, as the centre of our attention. We have a genuine interest in helping you to achieve your objectives which enables our team to create a highly personalised plan of action encompassing all that matters most to you. 

Our first meeting is obligation-free, without charge and where we will explain our process in more depth, however the following provides an insight as to how we can help you define and achieve your investment goals.

We need to understand your history, your values,your principles and how your past had led to the present.We then assess where you are now, what your resources are and listen to your concerns, hopes and aspirations .When we fully understand what matters most to you and what you need,we can then move to the plan…

Having gained a thorough understanding of what you want and need we can begin to formulate and build your plan. We review all your existing assets, such as your Pension funds, Investments, Isa’s and see how these fit with your needs and objectives. We help you bring meaning to your money and when your plan has been created and agreed, we can then move on to the implementation…..

A great plan will be of no use unless action is taken to implement it.  We will action your plan and coordinate all that is required, preparing all the documentation to achieve its success. Following the implementation of your plan we will then agree how you wish it to be managed and monitored in the future….

To measure success your plan needs to be reviewed and monitored to ensure it remains on target for your objectives. The team at Axys is dedicated to assisting you with achieving your financial ambitions, by providing reliable, regular reviews, it allows you to worry less about your money and focus more on living your life.